ITC Categories
Category Type:Industrial Programs & Utilities Engineering
.??Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Advanced Crane Operator
Advanced Distillation Troubleshooting
Advanced General Plant Knowledge & Interaction
Advanced Practical Drilling Skills
Advanced Rigging and Slinging
Advanced Valves Technology
Advanced Waste Treatment
Air Conditioners Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Air conditioning and Refrigeration equipment’s Maintenance and operation
Air-Conditioning mechanics Technician
AMS Machinery Manager
Associate Value Specialist (AVS) Certification
basic air conditioner ( COL 002 )
Basic Analytical Chemistry
Basic Heat Transfer & Exchanger
Basic Process Control Analog & Digital
Bearing Maintenance
Bearings in Gear Boxes
Best Practices in Gas Flow Measurements
Best Practices in Maintenance Management
Best Practices in Process Level Measurement
Boiler Water Treatment Technology
Central air conditioning - Split
Centrifugal Compressor Maintenance
Centrifugal Pump
Certified Mobile Crane Safety Operation - Basic
Certified Overhead Crane Safety Operation - Basic
Certified Rigging and Slinging – Level I
Chemical Engineering for Non-Specialists
Chemical laboratory in petroleum industry
Chemistry Basics 1
Chemistry Basics 2
Chemistry Material Balance
Coaching for Performance
Compressors (Operation, Control, Startup, Shutdown, Maintenance & Troubleshooting
Computer Numerical Control Code (CNC) Programming for Turning & Milling
Computerized Maintenance Management System - CMMS
Computerized Numerical Control (CNC)
Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) : M79A
Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines
Container terminal management
Control Valves and Actuators
Controlling Maintenance Resources
Corrosion and Materials
Cutting Tools
Desalination Plants Measuring – R.O
Distillation Column Operations
Driller/Assistant Driller Skills
Drilling Hole Problems & Practical Solution
Economic & Technical Evaluations in Engineering & Maintenance
Effective Supervisor
Electrical and mechanical Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Electrical Elevators Maintenance
Electrical elevators operation and Maintenance
Elevator maintenance technician
Energy Conservation & Energy Audits in Petroleum & Petrochemical Industries
Engineering Assembly Techniques
Engineering Maintenance, Procedure & Planning
Engines Testing and maintenance
Flare System, Operations and Design
fleet mechanics Trucks & cars
Fluid Mechanics Calculation - Hydraulic Calculation
FMES Design and Process (Virtual)
Forklift Maintenance Fundamentals
Fundamental of lube oil system ,sample collection and analysis - Level l
Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Prep Course
Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene
Fundamentals of Mechanical Maintenance
Fundamentals of Pump & Compressor System
General Carpentry Skills
General Plumping
Good Laboratory Practice
Heat Exchanger Overview Performance & Operations
Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers Types and Maintenance
Home Appliances - Washers and Dryers
Hose Standard
HVAC Systems
HVAC(Refrigeration / Brazing)
Hydraulic Circuits (Theory, Components & Practice)
Hydraulic Modeling for Water Network Design
IADC Wellcap Well Control Work over/Completion
IADC Wellcap Well Control Work over/Completion – Well Servicing Supervisory Level
Implementing Effective Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
Industrial Math 3 Classes
Industrial Valves
Industrial Water Treatment
Industrial Water Treatment
Installation and maintenance of sanitary fittings (Plumbing)
Installation, Application, and Maintenance
Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
Introduction to Painting Inspectors
Irrigation System
Lathe Procedures
Lifting Equipment Maintenance
Lifting Tackles Inspection
Light Microscopy of Carbon Steels
Liquid Piping Systems Fundamentals
Local Trainer for Hydraulic Equipment
Machinery Diagnostics
Machinery Failure Analysis & Prevention
Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices
Maintenance and repair of air conditioning equipments Technician
Maintenance for Gas & Oil Separation Plants
Maintenance of pumps and valves
Maintenance Support: Planning, Control And Documentation
Making Presentation
management system of Asset and the principles of corrosion and the choice of materials
Manufacturing Operations Planning and Control
Master Task List
Materials Preparation course
Measurement & Control of Fluid Flow, Level, Temp. and Pressure
Mechanical Alignment
Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanical Maintenance Planning and Implementation
Mechanical Pneumatic and Hydraulic Maintenance for CNC Machines System
Mechanical Seals
Mechanical Technician Essential Skills
Mechanical Testing, Level I
Mechanical Troubleshooting
Metallurgical Failure Analysis
Metallurgy of Steel for Non - Specialists
Microbial Contamination in the Reverse Osmotic Plants “RO“
Milling Center Policies and Procedures
Mobile Crane
Modern Maintenance Technologies
Modern Maintenance Technologies
Modern ways in the maintenance of refrigeration equipment
Nautical Mechanics Technician
Non-Ionizing Radiation
Offshore Cranes (Operation, Maintenance,Testing & Inspection)
Offshore Personnel Lifting Equipments : Crane Manbasket
Oil analysis interpretation Level ll
Oily Water Treatment Technology
Operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of pumps and compressors
Operations Management
OptimiZing Equipment Maintenance & Replacement Decisions
OPWP Overview (Operating Plant Work Process)
Overhead Crane
Packaging Plant Operation & Maintenance
Pipe & Valves
Pipe Stress Analysis, Expansion Joint and Support Selection
Pipe Work Design & Fabrication
Piping & Auxiliaries
Piping Design Construction & Mechanical Integrity - Advanced
Piping Stress Analysis
Piping System
Plant Science
Pneumatic and hydraulic brake systems (petrol - diesel)
Pneumatics System
Polymer Processing and Testing
Preparation of Sample, Level I
Pressure Safety Relief Valves - Operation, Maintenance and Inspection
Preventive Maintenance and Equipment
Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Preventive Maintenance Technician Qualifying
Process & Operations Controls
Process &Flow assurance
Process Control
Process Control Systems
Process engineering
Process Plant Operations, Troubleshooting and Special Problems
Process Plant Troubleshooting
Protection and Operating for Technicians
Protection and Operating for Technicians
Pump Fundamentals
Pump Operation and Maintenance
Pump Vibration Testing
Pumps & Valves
Pumps and Valves-Selection, Maintenance, Inspection and Trouble Shooting
Pumps Fundamentals, Operations, Maintenance
Pumps, Compressors, Turbines & Troubleshooting
Quality Control Of Precast Concrete
REVIT STRUCTURE-MODEL 3D Building Information Modeling
Rig Inspection and Maintenance
Rigging and Slinging – Level II
Root Cause analysis
Selection of Materials for Refineries & Petrochemical Plants
Separators (Operation, Design, Maintenance & Inspection)
Shaft Alignment and Vibration Analysis
Sheet Extrusion Technology
Situational Leadership
Steam Trap construction, installation and maintenance
Steam Turbine Technology & Maintenance - Advance Technology
Storage Tanks (Operation, Design, Inspection & Maintenance)
Surface Operation in Oil and Gas Production
Surface Operations in Oil & Gas Productions
Tank Farms: Design, Operation, Instrumentation, Inspection, Maintenance, Performance & Efficiency
Technology and Operation of Desalination Plants
Tensile Testing for Steel Industries, Theoretical Parts
Testing for Chemical Deterioration & Homogeneity of Materials
The Fundamentals of Air conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
Total Productive Maintenance - TPM
Troubleshooting in Chemical Plants
Turbomachinery Design and Performance
Utilities Engineering and Cooling Tower Operation
Value Engineering
Valve Operation and Maintenance
Valves & Actuators
Vibration Analyst
Vibration Measurements and Diagnostics
Vibration Monitoring, Analysis & Balancing.
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation
Water Chiller Units, Operation & Maintenance
Water Distribution Systems & Pumping Stations
Water Injection Treatment Chemicals
Workplace Organization and Standard Operating Technologies

The presentation is generally appealing to me. The dedication & devotion of the instructor are both laudable & admirable.
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This course was very beneficial and helpful to understand one of the Major NDT method. I encourage ITC to continue with this performance.
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ITC service was in overall excellent. Thanks.
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It was a nice course to have. I suggest taking this course with the same instructor to other people. Thanks for the instructor for his kindness & helfull during the course.
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It is very important course, which enable us to improve our knowledge to work approaching our big account and can be recall us the key account. This is will support us to active result for the best of the Co.
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The instructor is highly and technical knowledgeable in explaining all the subject in the course taken.
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Instructor was well prepared and knowledgeable I gain lot of useful information.
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It was a good learning experience. Got to know the concept involved in key account.
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The instructor Mr. Ahmed Sabry has a very nice spirit.
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It is very useful to us and increase our knowledge.
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The instructor is very knowledge and hard working, his way of teaching is very good.
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