ITC Categories
Category Type:Business & Management
.??Technical report Writing
.??Time Management
Achieving Excellence in Government Agencies
Adapting organizational strategies
Administration Procedures & Models Development
Administrative & Behavioral Skills for Office Managers
Administrative & Secretarial for Office Management
Administrative Procedures and Models Development
Administrator Skills
Advanced Business Process Operations Controls
Advanced Business Process Management
Advanced Business Process Optimization
Advanced Compensation And Reward Management
Advanced Leadership ,Building & Management of High Achievement Teams
Advanced leadership program
Advanced Leading Change Management
Advanced Products Management
Advanced Strategic Management
Advanced Strategic Planning
Advanced Strategic Thinking
Advanced Succession planning
Advanced Supervisory skills
Advanced Technical Analysis
Advanced Technical Analysis Strategies
Advanced Technical Communication
Applying Enterprise Resource Planning by Business Process Reengineering
Basic Biostatics Skills
Basic Statistical Analysis of Laboratory Data
Become a More Effective Manager
Behavioral and creativity skills for modern leader
Building Effective Relationships
Building high-performance teams
Building Leadership Charisma
Business Analysis and Design Polices
Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
Business Center Management
Business Change Management
Business change management
Business Crisis Management
Business Development
Business Process & Operations Controls
Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
Business Process Improvement and Reengineering
Business Risk Management
Business Strategy Execution
Call Center
Coaching & Motivation Skills
Coaching, mentoring and team building skills
Communication & team building skills
Communication and interpersonal skills
Communication and interpersonal skills
Communication skills and art of persuade & influence others
Communication Skills for security guards
Communication, interpersonal skills and Time Management
Conflict Resolution
Cost Analysis to Support Strategic Decisions
Creative leader : leading institutions under changing world
Creative Leadership
Creative leadership and art of leading change
Creative Leadership for team work " build and manage high performance teams"
Creative Methods of Problem Solving and decisions Making
Creative Methods of Problem Solving and decisions Making
Creative Problem solving Techniques
Creativity and Innovative thinking
Creativity in decision-making & transform creative ideas into operational plans
Crisis management and decision-making
Crisis management strategies : fundamental , phases & mechanisms
Customer Relationship Management
Customer service skills in the provision of health service
Dealing with others
Dealing with Superiors and Subordinates
dealing with the public
Debt Collection
Decision Base
Decision Making & Problem Solving
Delegation for Higher Efficiency Without Losing Control
Developing and managing of municipal investments
Developing Efficient Staff Strategies
Developing Efficient Staff Strategies
Developing Front staff skills
Developing managerial & leadership skills for senior managers
Developing Middle Management Managers Skills
Developing policies and procedures
Developing Trustees of the Municipal Councils
Development managerial and supervisory skills
Development methods and continues improvement
Document Management (DMS) and Electronic Archiving
Documents & records management
E- government in The Light of TQM
Editorial Writing skills
Effective leadership in high-performance organizations
Effective Leadership Needed in Today’s Challenging Business
Electronic management skills to simplify work procedures, systems and methods
Electronic Records Management
Electronic secretarial
Empowerment & its impact in motivate & Develop of team spirit
Enhancing and Improving Performance
Enterprise Risk Management
Event Management
Excellence in modern secretarial and Office management
Excellent & Innovation in The Developing Managerial Skills for Superintendents
Executive Leadership: Delivering Results through Strategic Performance Management
Executive secretarial skills for office managers
Executive secretary
Facilitation Managemebt
Four roles of leadership
Fundamental Course for inspect & control on food organizations
Goal Setting & Planning
How to be a professional & distinguished supervisor ?
How to benefit from your competencies at work
Innovation and Creativity
Innovation Management & Product Development
Integrated approach to change management and smart decision-making skills
Integrated Secretarial Skills (time management , setting priorities and dealing with others)
Integrated Secretariat Skills; Protocol & Public Relations skills
International Train the Trainer and Presenting with Impact Program
Interpersonal skills in the workplace
Knowledge Management
KPI Selection & Management
Leadership & Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors
Leadership & supervisory skills
Leadership & supervisory skills
Leadership & Supervisory Skills of Modern Professional Manager
Leadership (Basics)
Leadership (Basics)
Leadership (Basics)
Leadership and Administrative Creativity
Leadership and management skills
Leadership Skills Program for Beginners
Leadership, supervision and knowledge management in modern institutions
Leading creativity and positive thinking
Leading People to Higher Performance
Logistics Information Systems
Malaysian administrative experience & its applications in the Arab World
Management and Decision Making
Management and  leadership skills for supervisors
Management by BSC
Management by scenarios : modern approach to monitor & analysis future variables
Management Skills
Management Skills Development for Senior Managers
Managerial & behavioral skills for modern leader
Managerial Excellent Strategies
Managerial Skills for Executive Secretaries & office managers
Managerial Skills for Women Leaders
Managing Conflict and Stress at work
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities and Deadlines
Master Data Management (MDM)
Mastering Supervisory Skills
Mergers & Acquisitions skills
methods of administrative thinking and creativity
Modern methods and trends in business development in Governmental Bodies
Modern methods in building & managing effective teams & develop team spirit
Modern methods of planning and follow up
Modern methods of planning and follow-up management of municipal councils
Modern supervisory management: tools, methods and technology
Modern supervisory management: tools, methods and technology
Motivating Subordinates skills & performance appraisal
Motivation for Effective Managers to Promote Results
Motivation skills and the Art of leading others
Operation Management
Personal effectiveness, how to achieve your business and personal goals
Planning & Organizing Skills
Planning and follow-up strategies and assessing business results
Planning and preparation for meetings and Preparing Minutes and reports
Planning, monitoring, evaluation and improvement of work results skills
Preparing Mails, archiving documents and Preparing Business reports
Preparing Professional Reports
Preparing Second Line Leaders
Preparing Second-line Leaders
President as a Coach
Productivity Skills
Reaching the peak of personal performance
Reengineering Management Processes
Reputation Management
Requirements Engineering
Risk Assessment
Risk Management For Professionals
Seeking Excellence: Developing behavioral skills to achieve the greatest Results
Seismic Exploration Fundamentals & Technologies
Self-development for administrative assistants
Self-drafting, focus engineering and launch the creative capacity in work
Setting Smart Goals for Managers
Skills to deal with the public in the municipalities and localities
SPSS (Statistical Analysis Tools)
Stakeholder Influencing & Management
Strategic Business Management
Strategic Leadership
Strategic Leadership
Strategic Leadership ,Team Building & Management of High Achievement Teams
Strategic Management
Strategic Management and Plans Implementation follow up
Strategic Performance Evaluation
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning and forecasting the future
Strategic planning, problem solving and decision making using modern tools
Strategic thinking formulate strategies options for organization
Strategies Inventory Storage And Treatment Of Irregularities And Idle Stock
Strategies planning, monitoring and evaluating the results of Business
Supervisory Skills and change management for modern supervisor
Team Building and Public Speaking
Team building workshop
Teamwork at Healthcare Facility
Technical Communication
Technical report Writing
Technical reports preparing and writing skills
Techniques to secure and protect Facilities Foundation
The Leadership Challenge
The Modern trends in management
Thinking outside the box; Developing Innovative and Creativity skills
Time Management
Time management & setting priorities
Train of trainer
Train the Trainer - Certification
Transferring plans & strategies to results and achievements
Transformational Leadership
Value Engineering
Work planning and scheduling skills
Work Procedures Simplification

The presentation is generally appealing to me. The dedication & devotion of the instructor are both laudable & admirable.
Mohammed F. Alotaibi

Really this course is important for any inspector, so I will recommended it for our employees. And thanks a lot!
Ahmed Al-Yami

You are doing excellent bringing such very talented instructor. Please keep it up.
Ahmed Afifi
Al-Zamil CoolCare

I would like to appreciate you as well as the instructor for a good training due to the fact that the helping to gain new information about the types of valve with advantages and disadvantage as well. Many thinking.
Zaki Ali Aldawood

This course was very beneficial and helpful to understand one of the Major NDT method. I encourage ITC to continue with this performance.
Talal Saad AlHasawi

ITC service was in overall excellent. Thanks.
Wael M. Morsy

This course was good and a nice guide to the PMP exam. Thanks.
Yazeed Mohamed Mreki
General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA)

It was good course & good preparation with excellent instructor. Thanks a lot.
Faisal Mahdi Al-Qahtani

It was a nice course to have. I suggest taking this course with the same instructor to other people. Thanks for the instructor for his kindness & helfull during the course.
Abdul-Moniem Al-Humoud

It is very important course, which enable us to improve our knowledge to work approaching our big account and can be recall us the key account. This is will support us to active result for the best of the Co.
Mohammed Amjad
Al-Suwadi Services

The instructor is highly and technical knowledgeable in explaining all the subject in the course taken.
Noel V. Garan
Coldstorec Group Of Saudi Arabia

Instructor was well prepared and knowledgeable I gain lot of useful information.
Gulam Khan
Saudi Aramco

It was a good learning experience. Got to know the concept involved in key account.
Muthuraman Nachiappan
Al-Suwadi Services

The instructor Mr. Ahmed Sabry has a very nice spirit.
Salam Fakhoury
Al Khodari Company

It is very useful to us and increase our knowledge.
Mohammed Rashed Afifi
Al Khodari Company

The course is excellent and helpful. It help me in organizing the work in more safe manner.
Muzammil Hayat
Al Khodari Company

The instructor is very knowledge and hard working, his way of teaching is very good.
Ibrahim Darwish
Al Khodari Company