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Stress and Time Management

  • Describe what stress is and its potential effect on individuals
  • Explain some good choices to help avoid and manage work related stress
  • Acquire practical time management skills for scheduling, planning and prioritizing work
  • Outline techniques to help manage time more effectively 
  • Explain how self-motivation could be used as a time management tool
  • How to achieve a balanced life as a successful manager
  • Self-appraisal of time attitude
  • How to increase productivity through better time utilization
  • How to define and handle priorities
  • Strategies and techniques for better time management
  • How to deal efficiently with time stealers
  • Managing stress


Essentials of time management

  • Contrasting time planning and time management
  • Avoiding the psychological time trap
  • Taking control of your life through the choices you make
  • Prioritizing your work
  • Scheduling techniques
  • Using your diary for time management

Prioritizing and Scheduling

  • Focusing your attention
  • Proactively identifying your priorities
  • Building your schedule

Time stealers

  • Meetings
  • Phone calls
  • Poor delegation
  • indecisive management
  • Poor communication
  • Poor decision making process
  • Lack of systematic working habits

Time Management for a balanced life

  • Goal setting at work and at home
  • Balancing work and home
  • Building a goal tree
  • Achieving the right balance of progress and maintenance
  • Know yourself… Mono-chronic or Poly-chronic

Strategies for Time Management

  • Stress in an organizational context
  • Where does stress come from?
  • What is the impact on your organization?
  • Trends in recent years
  • Setting Objectives
  • Setting priorities
  • Decision Making process
  • Delegation
  • The Time Quadrant

Improving your time management skills

  • Creation of task list
  • Creation of Time Map
  • Tips for higher productivity


The basic rules in Time Management

  • When and How to say “NO”
  • Process for saying “NO”\



The psychology and physiology of stress

  • What is pressure; what is stress?
  • Causes and effects of pressure and stress
  • Recognizing and reducing my sources of stress
  • The pressure management habit
  • Signs and symptoms of stress

Strategies, plans and techniques for coping with stress

  • The communication files structure
  • Circles of influence and circles of concern
  • SMARTER objective setting
  • The importance of achieving control

 Managing stress

  • Stress symptoms
  • Causes of stress

Tips for reducing and managing stress

Who Should Attend


  • All levels of employment in any organization
  • All individuals – irrespective of their position – would benefit from this program



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