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Effective Maintenance Management

  • The course aims at developing an effective maintenance organization wherein the downtime of equipments are kept at the lowest level, inventory is at the minimum and there is a continuous improvement in the performance with due analysis of the breakdowns and downtime and taking necessary corrective action.
  • At the end of the course the participants will feel their importance to the organization and there will be a morale boost up.   .

Course benefits

  • Effective maintenance organization with everybody in the department feeling as important as any other production or planning department.
  • Develops a sense of belongingness.
  • Improves the morale of the working personnel.


  • Introduction to relevance of Maintenance in an industry.
  • Types of Maintenance that are in vogue in industries.
  • Requirements of an Effective Maintenance organization.
  • Responsibilities of a maintenance department in an organization.
  • Breakdown, routine and planned maintenance, reporting system of breakdowns.
  • Measurement of breakdown hours and analysis, Management Information System of a maintenance department
  • Materials and standard spare parts planning and storage.
  • Lubricants, cutting oils, hydraulic oils specification planning and storage.
  • Inventory control, VED analysis, rationalization and variety reduction.
  • Design cell for spare parts.
  • List of machines and equipments and History cards.
  • Repair cycle, maintenance cycle and replacement cycle.
  • Control and coordination, recommended staff and work load, functions of various cells like spare parts cell, design cell,
  • Data bank for machines and equipments and their Test charts and statutory test records for machines like cranes, boilers, air vessels and pollution controlling equipments.
  • Manufacturing center for maintenance spare parts manufacture.
  • Organization structure manpower planning for maintenance department, authorities and responsibilities, duties and functions.
  • Introduction to tribology.
  • Introduction to TPM.
  • Role of Maintenance engineers in equipment selection and plant layout.


Who Should Attend

Who should attend: • First line Supervisors and above in the maintenance department.


5 Days

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