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Advanced Firefighting


By the end of the course attendants should be:

  • To Train People To Operate Fire Fighting Protection Equipment On The Company Installation To A Basic Standard Of Competency And To Instill An Awareness Of And Confidence In Fire Prevention And Fire Fighting Arrangements.


  • Theory of combustion / chemistry of fire


-      Triangle of fire

-      Classes of fire

-      Fire spread




  • Fire extinguishers.


-      Construction

-      Types of extinguishers


  • Water supplies including hose and hose fittings


-      Ring main

-      Hydrants

-      Couplings

-      Hose

-      Branches

-      Hose reel equipment


  • Fire protection and prevention
  • Foam and foam making equipment



-      Characteristic of foam

-      How foam works

-      Production of finished foam

-      Introducing foam concentration into the water system

-      Medium ex. and high ex.

-      Maintenance


  • Preparation of contingency plans, strategies ,tactics ,command and communication
  • Elementary hydraulics
  • Search rescue procedures


-      Locating the fire

-      Precautions to prevent fire spread

-      Precautions to avoid being lost in smoke

-      Rescuing



  • Breathing apparatus


-      Composition of atmosphere

-      Oxygen sets

-      Compressed air sets

-      Breathing apparatus control procedure

-      Procedure to be followed by crews


  • Personal protective equipment
  • Fixed detection and protection systems


-      Detectors

-      Central control equipment and alarm circuits

-      Hallons

-      Fixed fire protection systems



Who Should Attend

Firemen , Fire supervisors & managers


3 Days

Start Date End Date Country City

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