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Slag Pot and Over Head Crane


The minimum requirements for an overhead crane operator are the physical and

mental capability and competence to perform the work. Unless able to provide

satisfactory evidence of qualifications and experience, operators should be

required to pass a written or oral examination and a practical operating

examination. The assessment of operator qualifications should be limited to the

specific type of equipment for which the operator is examined.

Operators and operator trainees should have normal depth perception, field of

vision, reaction time, manual dexterity, coordination, and no tendencies to

dizziness or similar undesirable conditions. (Refer to Appendix A for additional




Any overhead crane-safety training program should follow the course outline

described on the following pages. Training content should include, but not be limited

to, the topics listed in this industry recommended Safety Bulletin. Additional

materials may also be used to complement a course.

(A) Legislated and other requirements in Alberta

(B) Identifying cranes and their components

(C) Pre-operational requirements

(D) Operational requirements

(E) Post-operating requirements

(F) Rigging components, inspection/rejection criteria

(G) Site-specific training requirements

(H) Supervisor training and responsibility

(I) Trainer qualifications

(J) Successful course completion

Who Should Attend


Operators , site supervisors


5 Days

Start Date End Date Country City

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