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Advanced Negotiation Skills


Participants will learn to:


           ·          Determine behavioral style and how to best interact with others in the negotiation

           ·          Recognize counterproductive assumptions and positions

           ·          Develop an effective plan and strategy for any negotiation

           ·          Utilize the phases of negotiation for better outcomes

           ·          Deal with difficult people objectively and assertively

           ·          Build creative solutions to challenging scenarios

           ·          Negotiate in person, on the phone, individually and in teams

           ·          Immediately recognize manipulative tactics and how to respond



Workshop Methodology:


           ·          This workshop uses a hands-on, interactive, skill-centered method of teaching negotiation. Each day of the workshop, core concepts and frameworks are presented in an interactive style to the participants.

           ·          Building on the interactive presentations, each day centers on case simulations in which participants actually negotiate and apply the theory they are learning.


Goals of the Negotiation Workshop:

Participants can expect to learn how to:


           ·          Discover your current assumptions about negotiation and your approach to negotiating;

           ·          Learn how to systematically prepare, conduct and review negotiations to produce better outcomes each time you negotiate;

           ·          Learn how to discover the underlying interests in a negotiation and create mutually beneficial and durable solutions for all parties;

           ·          Enhance your ability to communicate more effectively;

           ·          Understand ways to build and strengthen important relationships over time;

           ·          Learn how to deal effectively with difficult tactics, people and situations;

           ·          Recognize when to accept and when to “walk away” from a deal;

           ·          Respond to threats and otherwise uncooperative behavior;

           ·          Separate the people from the problem;

           ·          Strengthen and improve relationships

           ·          Build your skills for negotiating more systematically and successfully over time.

Who Should Attend



           ·          Stimulate participants’ awareness of the complexities of negotiation

           ·          Equip participants with a framework for understanding, diagnosing and leading the negotiation process

           ·          Enhance participants’ skills through hands-on experience and feedback

           ·          Provide participants with a process for continued improvement and learning


3 Days

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