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Eddy Current Testing Level II

  • The objective of the course is to present an overview of Eddy Testing, identifying the advantages and limitations of this as compared to other methods of Non-destructive Testing.


  • Definition of conductivity and permeability, factors effecting them.
  • Principle of eddy current testing. Standard depth of penetration. Factor effecting Std. Depth of penetration. Phase angle and its use.
  • Test coil: type and construction. Edge effect, End effect, Fill factor, and Lift off. How they can be controlled.
  • Coil Impedance, Selection of frequencies for different application.
  • Testing techniques.
  • Impedance testing.
  • Phase Analysis
  • Vector Point Method
  • Ellipse method
  • Linear time base method
  • Modulation of frequencies. Course also includes:
  • Conductivity measurement, Ferrite measurement, Materials sorting based on chemical composition, working conditions, heat treatment conditions.
  • Defect detection in tube, pipe bars, welds and plates.
  • Defect detection heat exchangers tubes.
  • Dimensions monitoring of on tube, bar and wire manufacturing.
  • Coating thk. Measurement on conductive materials.
  • Plating thk. Measurement on conductive materials

Who Should Attend

  • The course is designed for anyone who is interested in satisfying the classroom training requirements for Eddy Current Testing Level II certifications or who needs a thorough knowledge and practical experience of Eddy Current Testing Techniques.


5 Days

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