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Basic NDE, Level III - ASNT Certification Preparatory


To coach the participant to maximize his chances of Success in the Exam and will become thoroughly acquainted with the workings of the two basic Certification Schemes, the ten most common NDT Methods, and the fundamentals of Materials, Fabrication and Product Technology.



  • Basics of Certification schemes


-       SNT-TC-1A

-       ANSI / ASNT CP-189-2001


  • Basics of Common NDT Methods


-       Acoustic Emission Testing

-       Electromagnetic Testing

-       Leak Testing

-       Liquid Penetrant Testing

-       Magnetic Particle Testing

-       Neutron Radiographic Testing

-       Radiographic Testing

-       Thermal / Infrared Testing

-       Ultrasonic Testing

-       Visual Testing


  • Basic Materials, Fabrication and Product Technology


-       Fundamentals of Material Technology

-       Fundamentals of Fabrication and Product Technology  





Course also includes:


  • Hands-On Training (Practical)
  • Review & Discussions
  • Daily Tests
  • Examination

Who Should Attend


  • This course is designed for anyone with Suitable qualifications and experience to enroll for the ASNT level III Examination in Basic NDT.


5 Days

Start Date End Date Country City
2022-07-24 2022-07-28 Saudi Arabia Al-Dammam
2022-11-06 2022-11-10 Saudi Arabia Al-Dammam

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