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Performance Appraisal and Salary & Incentives Systems Management


This course is designed to give the participants the skills, knowledge and understanding to:


  • Analyze how performance management relates to organizational goals and expectations and how to achieve best results by performance measurement
  • Identify the strategies required for effective managing of individual performance and performance strategies
  • Design and Implement a successful performance appraisal review system
  • Identify the methods and Tools available for measuring performance
  • Relate performance management to pay and other organizational
  • Incentives and rewards available
  • Explore the continuing process of performance management and the continues review approaches
  • Identify methods of evaluating the effectiveness of performance management
  • Prepare a personal action plan for future implementation



Module 1:  Defining Performance Management

  • Concepts and Philosophy
  • PM Development – Merit Rating, Management by Objectives, Performance Appraisals and Performance Management
  • Staff Performance in the Organizational Context
  • The Objectives of Performance Management


Module 2: Strategies for Managing Performance


  • The Principles of PM
  • A Framework of PM
  • The Organization’s and the Individual’s Contribution to PM
  • The Process of PM
  • Behavioral Systems – Work Objectives and Performance Measures
  • Personality, Competence and Results Orientated Systems


Performance Management and Appraisals

Developing Your People through Performance


  • Developing a Performance Management System
  • How to control tardiness, absenteeism, poor performance
  • The importance of documenting what you do
  • Simple measures for dealing with harassment or discrimination

 Module 3: Performance Appraisal

  • What is Performance Appraisal?
  • Designing the Appraisal System
  • The appraisal Interview – 7 Steps to Successful Appraisals
  • Training for Appraisal
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Appraisal

Module 4: Methods of Measuring Performance

  • Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales
  • Ranking Scales
  • Reporting Critical Incidents
  • 360 degree Feedback

Module 5: Performance Related Pay

  • Employee Involvement
  • Incentives
  • Reward Schemes
  • Career Aspirations

Module 6: The Continuing Process of Performance Management

  • Updating Objective
  • Managing Continuous Learning
  • Managing Under Performers

Module 7: Evaluating Performance Management

  • Project Teams
  • The Role of the HR Function
  • Using External Consultants
  • Monitoring and Evaluating

Module 8: Salary & Incentives Systems Management

  • Salary Systems
  • Incentives Systems


Module 9: Overview

  • Personal Action Planning

Course Evaluation & Summary

Who Should Attend


  • HR Managers and team leaders and those involved in designing, managing and implementing performance management systems and appraisals of company staff and personnel.


5 Days

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