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Leak Testing Level I


  • The objective of the course is to present an overview of Leak Testing methods, identifying the advantages and limitations of this as compared to other methods of Non-destructive Testing.




Reasons for leak testing

  • Material loss prevention
  • Contamination
  • Component/system reliability
  • Pressure-differential maintenance
  • Personnel/public safety


Functions of leak testing

  • Categories
  • Applications
  •  Training and certification


Leak Testing Fundamentals

  • Terminology
  • Leakage terms
  • Leakage tightness
  • Quantitative/semi-quantitative
  • Sensitivity/calibration terms


Leak testing units

  • Mathematics in leak testing
  • Exponential notation
  • Basic and fundamental units
  • Systeme Internationale (SI) units


Physical units in leak testing

  • Volume and pressure
  • Time and temperature
  • Absolute values
  • Standard or atmospheric conditions
  • Leakage measurement



Leak testing standards

  • Capillary or permeation
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards
  • System versus instrument calibration
  • Inaccuracy of calibration


Flow characteristics

  • Gas flow
  • Liquid flow
  • Correlation of leakage rates
  • Anomalous leaks
  • Leak clogging


Vacuum fundamentals :

Introduction to vaccum

  • Terminology
  • Principles
  • Units of pressure


Characteristics of gases

  • Kinetic theory
  • Mean free path
  • Gas laws
  • Quantity, throughput and conductance of gas
  • Quantity
  • Comparison with an electric circuit
  • Comparison with water flow
  • Conductance analogy with electrical resistance
  • Resistance connected in series
  • Resistance connected in parallel
  • Vacuum system operation
  • Effects of evacuating a vessel
  • Pump-down time

1.1 Vacuum system characteristics



  • Operating limits
  • Rate of pressure rise B measurement
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Mechanical pumps (positive displacement)
  • Oil-sealed rotary pumps
  • Construction
  • Operation
  • Pump fluids
  • Difficulties with rotary pumps
  • Care of rotary pumps
  • Mechanical booster pumps
  • Vapor (diffusion) pumps
  • Construction
  • Operation
  • Pump fluids
  • Difficulties with diffusion pumps
  • Diagnosis of diffusion pump trouble
  • Sublimation pumps (getter pumps)
  • Ion pumps
  • Turbomolecular pumps
  • Absorption pumps
  • Cryopumps

Who Should Attend


  • The course is designed for anyone who is interested in satisfying the classroom training requirements for Leak Testing Level I certifications or who needs a thorough knowledge and practical experience of introduction Leak Testing.


5 Days

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