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Identify and analyze training needs


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the What, Why and How of a TNA
  • Analyze Job Performance Problems
  • Clarify the differences between  a cause and symptom of a performance problem
  • Separate Training from Non-Training Solutions
  • Map out a TNA framework
  • Design Questioners and interview Guides
  • Select appropriate methods to carry out a TNA
  • Design Questionnaires and Interview Guides
  • Analyze and Interpret data collected
  • Interpret the data collected
  • Recommend appropriate interventions in accordance with identified needs
  • Write and present a TNA report
  • Present the Training Report to Management.



Needs analyst and TNA process

  • Fundamentals of Training needs analysis (TNA)
  • Competencies of a needs analyst
  • Outputs and ethics of a needs analyst
  • The TNA Process
  • Why perform a TNA
  • Approaches to TNA
  • Identification of TNA


Methods and Techniques

  • Types of data collections methods
  • Types of TNA techniques



Needs at the Organizational Level

  • Organizational Training Objectives
  • Organizational Competencies
  • Organizational Requirements
  • Organizational Analysis Process


Needs at the Departmental Level

  • Job and Tasks Analysis
  • Appraisal & Assessment
  • Career Development


Needs at the Individual Level

  • Individual Profiling
  • Individual and Job Fit


TNA Deliverables

  • Preparing a TNA Report
  • Report Writing Guidelines


The Training Plan

  • Recommendations and Report
  • Action and Planning
  • Preparing the Training Plan

Who Should Attend



Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge, understanding very well about their works in order to have very good benefits return to them.


5 Days

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