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Effective Training & Measuring Return On Investement of training


Review your organization’s culture and performance, and assess its readiness for change. Review the effectiveness of performance management systems and procedures, both at organization and team level, including: Goal and objective setting

Performance appraisal and reward

Motivation and team culture

Developing new competencies and suggest innovations where appropriate.

Ensure that performance management systems are sensitive to the particular needs

and circumstances of the organization

Produce constructive proposals for change and improvement

Raise awareness of the importance of clear goals and objectives

Encourage good coaching, feedback project management and team developmentSkills.

Devise appropriate incentives to reward and motivate staff.



Review the history of the Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard and the strategy focused organizations

Components of the Balanced Scorecard

HR Balanced Scorecard

Performance management and the elements of performance management systems

Mission statements and communicating organization values.

Motivation and organization culture, including ethical and value-related issues.

Change management, and the reasons for resistance to change.

Competencies - both technical/professional and generic.

Competency development and the learning organization.

Reward management - pay, pay variation and job evaluation.

Setting performance Measures

HR Measures and Key performance Indicators

Using the Balanced Scorecard for setting individual performance goals – Activity

How to Implement an Integrated Performance Measurement System

How to approach and Implement the HR scorecard

Who Should Attend


Executives, directors, middle managers, and team leaders involved in or affected by the need to achieve organizational success, as well as those who decide and implement organizational change. It is suitable for those with organizational re-engineering experience as well as for new practitioners.


5 Days

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