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Improve The Organization's Performance Through KPIs

This course enables the Participants to:

  1. define and measure progress toward organizational goals
  2. analyze mission, identify stakeholders, and define goals, and measure progress toward those goals
  3. define the Key Performance Indicators
  4. set targets for each Key Performance Indicator
  5. design Key Performance Indicators
  6. learn methodology to create Key Performance Indicators


Module 1 – Organization Performance

  • Domains of Excellence
  • The High Performing Organization
  • Performance Management
  • Types of Indicators
  • FABRIC model for Indicator selection

Module 2 – Fundamentals of Excellence

  • MBO
  • ISO and TQM
  • EFQM
  • BSC
  • Using Strategy Maps

Module 3 – Excellence Model of Operations

  • SCOR model
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • BPR
  • Innovation vs Kaizen


Module 4 – Change Management

  • Change leadership intellects
  • Types of Changes
  • Change programs
  • Change project phases
  • Prioritization using Time Matrix and Improvement Matrix
  • Deployment Risk matrix
  • Four Ds of Effectiveness
  • The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Module 5 – Performance Measurement

  • Performance management cycle
  • Designing KPIs
  • Identifying KPIs
  • Characteristics of a good KPI
  • Difference between KRIs and KPIs
  • 12 steps model in developing KPI system
  • Reporting KPIs and Dashboards

Module 6 – The Fundamental KPIs

  • Measuring and understanding your customers
  • Measuring and understanding your financial performance
  • Measuring and understanding your internal processes
  • Measuring and understanding your employees

Module 7 – Improvement using Lean Management

  • Measuring Capacity
  • The OEE
  • Bottleneck Analysis and Theory of Constraints
  • House of Toyota
  • The 8 Types of wastes
  • The 7 tips for Successful Continuous Improvement
  • Success Motivation – Types of People

Who Should Attend

This course is important for managers, supervisors, executives and team leaders in all vocational operation areas within the organization and anyone seeking to develop their supervisory skills and behaviors.


5 Days

Start Date End Date Country City
2022-10-23 2022-10-27 Saudi Arabia Al-Dammam

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